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Tape Transfers



Do you have a tape you would like to be transferred into digital format? Look no further as we can provide this service to you!



Some providers are not flexible, unnecessarily increasing the cost of your tape transfer. Our service allows you to select the options you require, which means you're only paying the services you need!

The details about where to send the tape(s) and progress for the transfer status will be available in the client area along with any downloads once the process is complete!

Expected Timeframe:

Upon receiving your tape(s), we will have your video available within 2 weeks. Exceptions to this timeframe may include a large number of tapes, options selected for tape transfers etc.

We accept the following tapes:

  • Video8 (8mm)/Hi-8 (Hi8)/Digital8
  • MiniDV (DV/HDV)



What is our process?

  • Prepare the tape(s).
  • Transfer the tapes(s) into uncompressed format.
  • Edit the video (optional - additional charges apply).
  • Compress the video into High Definition (HD) format.
  • Upload compressed video onto our website for you to download.
  • Transfer to DVD and/or Blu-ray (optional - additional charges apply).



We offer a complementary 30 day download of your videos (Note: HD content can be extremely large and may take time to upload). This allows you to download the video file and create your own DVD/Blu-ray or just watch the videos on your devices. Extensions to our 30 day download period are optional, however additional charges apply.

We have two packages available:
Options include:
- Editing of your video.
- Additional online time for you to download your video.
Options include
- Editing of your video.
- Additional online time for you to download your video.
- Return of your tapes (your tapes will not be returned unless you select this optional extra).
- Choose your number of copies for DVD and/or Blu-ray.

Please note: The quality of the transferred video is dependent on the quality of your tape(s) (e.g. damaged or poor quality tape(s) may result in a non-optimal transfer).

If there is an option or service we haven't listed, please contact us! After all, we are here to help you!

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