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Our Vision
Livolution provides an online service available for older consoles that is seen in newer consoles. The online service allows existing emulators to hook in directly with Livolution via our Application Programmable Interface (API) or indirectly through our client.
Secondary to this vision, but still under development, Livolution will allow you to play titles without the need purchase yet another console.
A Beta release is now available! Create a free account to download and login to the client.
Please check the forum for more information about the current status of Livolution and instructions!
What exactly is Livolution?
Livolution is a live and evolving platform for emulators (Live + Evolving = Livolution).

So what does Livolution do?
Livolution allows emulators to communicate over the internet easily without the need to have knowledge of networks and configuring network devices. It essentially brings a service similar to current online gaming platforms, instead for older gaming consoles.
For example, Pokèmon on a Gameboy emulator:

  • A player creates a session for a game they are playing on a specific emulator.
  • Other players can then search for those sessions.
  • Players can then communicate over a simple text chat session.

Emulator developers can interface directly with the Livolution service if they wish to via the API. Alternatively, the Livolution Client uses the Livolution API and allows for integration between emulators and the Livolution service.

The future of Livolution

  • Livolution Client will have emulation built in thus replacing multiple emulators with the one.
  • Two install options, one will just install Livolution Client and the second will transform your computer into a universal game console.
  • Enhance the Livolution Services with feature requests from customers and bug fixes.
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